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Do I have cover approval for the paperback edition of my hardcover book?

Q. My contract grants me cover approval but the paperback publisher never sent me the cover to look at. It’s totally different from the dust jacket on the hardcover, which was fabulous. I’m told that paperback publishers have the right to design their own covers. Is that true? A. The contract between you and your…

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Are print-on-demand books considered print-on-paper or electronic editions?

Q. Are print-on-demand books considered print-on-paper or electronic editions? A. They are generally considered print-on-paper (“POP”) books, but there are arguments on both sides. Favoring their treatment as electronic editions: until the time of actual purchase, they exist only as an electronic file and not as a printed book. Favoring their treatment as print-on-paper editions:…

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Why is my book being published only as an e-book?

Q. I have licensed both print and e-book rights to my publisher. Are they obligated to publish the book in both editions? A. Only if your contract says so. Prudent authors will provide that simply publishing the book in an e-book edition (which will be far less costly for publishers) is not sufficient, and that…

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