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Do I have cover approval for the paperback edition of my hardcover book?

Q. My contract grants me cover approval but the paperback publisher never sent me the cover to look at. It’s totally different from the dust jacket on the hardcover, which was fabulous. I’m told that paperback publishers have the right to design their own covers. Is that true? A. The contract between you and your…

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Can someone else revise my book?

Q. The contract for my new nonfiction book has a revision clause that says that if I don’t revise the book, the publisher can choose the reviser and pay the person from amounts that would otherwise be paid to me under my contract. This seems pretty broad since it means the reviser can get everything…

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Can I Get Approval Rights for the Cover’s Design?

Q. How typical is it to get approval in a contract for the design of the book’s cover? A. It is extremely difficult—generally nigh to impossible—to get a provision in your contract giving you approval over design of the book’s cover or dust jacket. The best way to handle this situation, in practical terms, is…

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