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Should I set up a corporation?

Q. I recently set up a one-person corporation and assigned all my copyrights to it. Can the corporation sign my next publishing contract so I could avoid personal liability in the event of a lawsuit against the publisher involving my new book or a breach of any of the representations in the contract? A. Doing…

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How Helpful is the Bankruptcy Clause in Publishing Contracts?

A. Not very, but you would be ill-advised to remove it. When a publisher is in bankruptcy, both the company and people dealing with it are prohibited from taking many actions without court approval. Among these is enforcement of the typical clause in publishing and certain other contracts that says the contract terminates when the…

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How Is “High Discount” Defined?

Q. Is there a commonly accepted definition of what kinds of publisher’s book sales are “high discount” and result in a lower royalty rate than the basic royalty rate I negotiate in my contract for sales at the publisher’s standard discount? A. No one definition is accepted by everyone in publishing. Indeed, rather than using…

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